On June 13, 2019 the religious exemption for vaccines was repealed in NY. A DANGEROUS & UNTESTED vaccine catch-up schedule was mandated in order for children to be in compliance to attend school. 


If your child has experienced a vaccine reaction due to the NY Catch-Up Schedule please file a VAERS report and email vaxreactscontact@gmail.com to share your story.


14 y.o. girl from long island rushed to hospital from MMR & Varicella vaccine reaction


My daughter was a vaccine free, 100% healthy 14 year old, until 9/9/19.  I started to comply & went against everything I believe in. At approximately 5:20 pm, my daughter received the MMR in one arm & the varicella in the other. I questioned her getting two live doses at once & her pediatrician assured me "she'll be fine". I explained my stance & my fears (I had a severe reaction to the Hep B when I was younger, my niece & 2 cousins had severe reactions to the Dtap & Measles vaccine). I was sobbing the entire time,I yelled out "wait", but just as I said it, she was jabbed.  Around 7:00 pm, she had a horrible headache.  By Wednesday, 9/11/19, she still had the headache & fatigue. (Motrin didn't help), swollen glands & a sore throat.  I took her to City MD. They didn't pay attention to anything I said regarding the vaccines, but the Medical Asst put a mask on as soon as I told her & slammed the door on her way out. Strep neg & their diagnosis was Sinusitis & Pharyngitis, they gave her Flonase. The headaches were/are still constant. We went to our next "immunization appointment" on 9/17/2019, but I made it a sick visit instead. Dr told me "it’s just a virus & we'll do polio today, Hep B Thursday & Dtap Monday morning". I declined! My daughter said, "no way I'm doing that". Dr tries to convince her that "your mom was so upset that day so it probably stressed you out which threw your immune system off & you caught something".  My daughter went to wait in the car. Dr proceeds to try make feel awful by saying "I have never seen a parent act like that with vaccines." I, again, explain why. She says,"well, I have to vaccinate her because the DOH is breathing down my neck & I'll get in trouble". I told her I thought that was ridiculous & if anything, they'd come after me. Fast forward to 9/17/2019, my daughter had a low grade fever, legs were achy, along with the constant headache. On 9/19/2019, I took her to the Hospital where Dr actually listened. He did blood work & a spinal tap as he felt she could have had "vaccine induced meningitis or encephalitis". Thankfully, tests came back normal aside for a high monocyte level indicating a virus. In his words, "...you can't argue with a headache 9 days in a row & she gets better after a spinal tap". He thinks removing some spinal fluid relieved some pressure off her brain since her headache lessened after the procedure. He goes on to say "space them out, don't stack them.." ..."she got the shots & then that occupied her immune system & then one of the Long Island viruses snuck in & got her.." We ended up back in the ER at 1:49 am (I called ahead of time & he told me to come back). She was crying as the pain in her back & head were intolerable. They gave her Percocet & placed a lidocaine patch on her back.  As of 8:00 am this morning, she's thrown up 4x & still has a headache. She has NEVER been sick like this, never even missed a day of school last year & now she has been late twice, absent once & picked up early already. She's a very active girl & all she wants to do these last 10 days is sleep. It's heartbreaking to see her like this.

9/22/19, my daughter had to be rushed back to the hospital by ambulance due to severe pain in her head and was admitted this morning for further testing.

As guilt ridden as I feel, please, share my story. I wish I had never complied & I don't want other parents to make the same mistake I did. I was told 13 years ago to always go with your mother's instinct. I failed to do that.




10 y.o. from dutchess county lost consciousness from MMR & varicella vaccine


My 10 year old son received his first ever dose of MMR and Varicella. After he received the second shot, a minute or two later he said he was going to throw up. As he walked over to the sink at the doctors office he said he was dizzy and blacking out, and then he fainted. Myself and the nurse dragged him over to the bed and he was in and out of consciousness for a couple minutes. The doctor rushed in and checked his vitals which were a frightening 62/47, oxygen was 95% and a BP of 58. He was pale, wet, and his eyes were rolling to the back of his head for a couple minutes. He then received pedialyte and after about 5 minutes his BP started rising again and his pulse slowly was going up. After 30 minutes he sat up and he had a pounding headache for several hours after still.



14 y.o. boy from cayuga county in hospital due to meningococcal & TDAP


 My 14 year old son had several bad reactions to vaccines when he was younger. He would get hives after almost all vaccine appointments and severe eczema for all of his younger years while we were vaccinating. He also had severe arm pain almost like paralysis of his arm after the pneumococcal vaccine when he was two years old. From birth to 6 we followed the vaccine schedule on time because we didn’t know any better at that point. We stopped after that and started our research. 

He did not want to leave school or his soccer team so I gave him meningococcal on 9/16/19. Two days later they forced us to get the TDap on 9/18/19. He woke up the next day unable to move his arm. He is in pain and can’t use it at all. He has continued to have severe shoulder and arm pain from his shoulder to his elbow, headaches, blood when blowing his nose, and severe foot pain.  

Update --We went to our local ER. Doctor was very nice and agreed this is definitely from the vaccinations and that he should not get anymore. 

Talked to the pediatricians office a few times to tell them my son still had a headache. They said the pediatrician could see him and possibly refer us to a neurologist or we could try the children’s hospital. This morning the headache was the worst it’s been. Throbbing every time he stood up. 

We went to the children’s hospital. Waited in the waiting room for over 4 hours. Finally saw the doctor who did an exam, iv, and pain medicine. We also saw an neurologist who did a full exam. I just want him to wake up tomorrow with no headache!!!



14 y.o. boy from suffolk county taken to hospital after reacting to Meningococcal vaccine


 My completely healthy 14 year old son who hasn’t been vaccinated since 2010 needed Meningococcal and tDap to remain in school. On 9/17/19 he received the Meningococcal at around 4:30 pm. By 8 pm he was complaining that he was exhausted. He woke up the next day with a headache and what seemed like common cold symptoms. Stuffy. Headache. Tired. Just run down. He spent the next few days feeling like that. On 9/22/19, 5 days after, he started to have involuntary neck movements. He would rapidly blink his eye and his neck would jerk. It started happening every 10-20 mins. The next day it got progressively worse. We headed to the ER and were told that he has a Tic disorder. I was also told by the ER physician as well as the physician at our follow up, that neurological tics can be a side effect from this particular vaccine and can last a few weeks to well over a year.  I am devastated!! 




7 y.o. girl from dutchess county taken to hospital after reacting to mmr, varicella, polio, & tdap


 My daughter received her first ever vaccines. MMR and Varicella on 9/16/19 and Tdap and Polio on 9/20/19. She began to feel a bit under the weather on 9/22, fatigued, sore throat. On 9/23 she woke up with a few pox pimples on her body. For the next couple days a few more pimples appeared and a rash started forming. On 9/25 the rash was much more inflamed, she developed a 103 fever, headache and 3 small round bruises. I took her to the ER for blood work and left the hospital that night. The next day she woke up with hives all over her body. Itchy, inflamed, so uncomfortable. I took her to a pediatric urgent care right away. Doctor examined her and stated it appears as though her body is trying to fight off some sort of a virus, and with the combination of the vaccines, her body is in complete overdrive and he said likely a vaccine reaction. He said it is not unusual getting a few pox pimples, but the hives and rashes did seem bad. 




17 y.o. boy from monroe county reacts to TDap with blurred vision, stiff neck, nausea, & fever


My 17 year old son has never had a vaccine before. NYS repealed my right to a religious waiver and in order for him to finish his senior year and electrical program with Boces, we were forced to vaccinate.

On Friday 8/23/19 he received TDAP, polio, menactra, varicella, Hep B and MMR.

On Friday, 8/30 he started not feeling well and losing his appetite, he also complained his neck was incredibly stiff. He went to sleep and woke up with a 103 degree fever, was nauseated and had blurred vision. This lasted until that Sunday when his fever finally broke.  

I’ll never forgive myself.

I saw this email while following Rita Palma and wanted to share.




4 y.o. girl reacts to mmr vaccine with high fever & vomiting


My daughter is a healthy 4 year old girl and rarely ever gets sick. I did not vaccinate her when she was born and after the repeal of the religious exemption she got kicked out of Pre-k. After great discussion with my husband we decided to give her a shot a month until kindergarten. She had the MMR in August and last week September 12th, 2019 she received the DTaP. Within 40 minutes of receiving the DTaP she was throwing up and had 101.9 fever for 8 hours after.


11 y.o. girl from dutchess county reacts to vaccines with migraines, nausea, lethargy, hives & fever


My daughter a super healthy 11 year old who has never received a vaccine, was forced to by the new NYS law. 

On 8/5/19- Polio and on 9/12 she received first dose of MMR & Varicella.  She was not 100% either after her shots on 9/12- sick to her stomach and migraine like headache again. In order to catch up before the 14 day time period she was given (3) at one time,  T-dap, Meningitis and HepB on 9/17/19.

By the end of the day she was complaining of a migraine headache. By morning, she was so sick to her stomach, lethargic and running a fever. This continued for another day, with her fever getting higher, new symptoms of neck stiffness and dizziness. We brought her to our chiropractor who worked on her. While we were able to get her fever to break, she then ended up with hives all over body.  While her other symptoms seem to be improving her energy is not the same and she is tired all the time. 




6 y.o. from westchester county reacts to mmr-v vaccine with high fever, moaning, yelling, & crying


 My 6 year old son had a reaction to the mmr-v vaccine.  

He got the vaccine on September 4, 2019 around 10 am.  

On wed. Sept. 11 around 6 am he had diarrhea 

Thurs.  Sept. 12 came home from school with a high  fever. 

Thursday night 9/12/19 and Friday night 9/13/19 he had high fever and was moaning, yelling and crying in his sleep.  

I think you were the answer I have been praying for.  

Since coming across the fb post and learning about you and what you are doing, I decided hey I’m not going to continue with this dangerous catch up schedule and I am going to homeschool my son.  

I hated living a lie. Conforming didn’t align with my core values and beliefs and I went against my better judgement just to keep him in a school that has proven could care less about him.  

This all hit me this morning after sending you my email so thank you and God bless you. 





I am writing this in hopes my voice, every voice, can change what's happening to our children. I was persuaded to allow my 18 month old child to be vaccinated with MMR on April 29, 2019. This was due to the impending "threat" of the disease spreading in an area with people he had contact with. 

Monday April 29th, 2019 we saw our son's pediatrician and he was given the shot. He was 18 months old at the time. That evening he was cranky as expected. The following few days he not only spiked a fever that regularly reached 104, but also developed a rash all over his body. He was cranky, didn't sleep or eat well and covered in a rash for almost 2 weeks. Luckily, those symptoms did go away. But I'm not sure that's the end of our story. 




12 y.o. from ducthess county reacts to tdap with severe headache, blurred vision, dizzy


My 12 year old daughter had TDaP on Monday 9/16/19. Wednesday lunch time I get a call from her at school saying mommy please come get me quick. She had a horrific headache-this headache was different and not like any other she had ever had. She said it came on bam all of a sudden only on the left side ..her left eye felt blurry momentarily and she was dizzy. She said it felt like her head was bashed into the wall. This is ludicrous what this state is doing.



6 y.o. from dutchess county reacts to varicella with fever, cough, congestion


My 6 year old had varicella Monday ...was perfectly healthy going in....she was unvaxxed. We go in and get the shot a few hours later she is all congested/coughing and friday night had 101.5 fever. On Saturday she comes down with a 102.5 fever again ...this is the worst! 



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5 yr old from monroe county in chronic pain from mmr, varicella, hepB, dtap, & Polio


 On 9/18 per NYS requirements we were forced to give our healthy 5 year old MMR, Varicella, Hep B, DtaP/Polio (Quadracel). Almost immediately he complained of headache, stomach ache, and breathing rapidly. Breathing irregularity subsided in 20 minutes. Headache continued for 3 days, then on and off for the last 2 weeks. Stomach ache still continues today, over two weeks later. He cried when I had to pick him up sick 9/19 and he missed 9/20. He missed his first assembly at the very school he's longed to attend since he was 2. The very school that is forced to enforce the ridiculous mandates. 

He has had no less than 30 visits to the school nurse for stomach pains, all documented. Doctor thinks it's his body detoxing and to give it time.

On 10/2 I pick him up from school early, he sobs missing more school. We visit the pediatrician who suggests bloodwork and x-ray to rule out constipation despite the fact he's been stooling regularly and had just gone at the office. 

At school 10/3 complains consistently of stomach staying it's worse. Upon arrival home from school he is sobbing, screaming. 

We have no other information or suggestions other than to continue trying mag citrate and to wait for the GI referral appointment on 10/13. 

Some background: Pediatrician actually noted at July physical how healthy our 5 year old and his brother were, only seeing them yearly. 

He once had only 6 safe foods, on rotation, every day for months to heal his gut. He went from having numerous anaphylactic foods to only 2. We eat a clean, healthy diet. He is happy. He is healthy. He is smart. He is thriving and loves Kindergarten.

4 yrs of health and gut healing, gone, in one fell swoop thanks to the atrocities of NYS. And all I have is a sobbing, sick, unhappy 5 yr old and a worried 8 yr old who just wants his brother to be happy and healthy again. 



5 yr old from ny reacts with fever, lethargy, & pupils affected following mmrv


 My son is 5 years old and on Sept 16 2019 he received MMRV.  On the 9th evening subsequent to the shot he became lethargic, no appetite, fever of 101.3, no energy, blood shot glossy eyes.  This continued for 2 1/2 days.  His fever spiked to 102.3.  I also noticed on the 10th day his pupils were vastly different sizes.  They still are but not as bad.  I’ve confirmed with literally 100 of before close up photos of his face and his eyes, his eyes were NEVER like this before the shot. All of this was reported to his pediatrician.  I did take him to an ophthalmologist today who said he can see the pupils being different sizes but all else seems fine and to just “keep an eye on it and call if anything changes.”  He did make the correlation that the arm he received the vaccine in is the same size as the affected eye but did not say whether the vastly different size pupils were or were not related to the vaccine. 

Some background:  He had received all vaccines through 10 months old and then we stopped but now are being forced to comply.  During those 10 months he was constantly sick with a horrible cough and diarrhea all of the time. 

6 yr old from montgomery county in horrible pain following mmr, varicella, & polio


 My 6 year old son received the polio vaccine on August 30th 2019 and the MMR and varicella on Sept. 10th 2019.  He came down with a fever that lasted for five days that wouldn’t go down without 24 hr ibuprofen/Tylenol. He was lethargic, had no appetite and a horrible headache. He missed 2 days of school (he got perfect attendance last year)! Then the fever finally broke, and on day 6 he had a horrible bloody nose at school that would not stop (the nurse who forced the vaccines called me not knowing what to do with him).  The next day he was tired and had a headache still. I was hopeful it was almost all over. Then the next day he woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating leg pain. It was the worst pain I ever saw my son in. He was screaming so loud he woke up his dad and sisters. An hour went by and I finally got him to take Tylenol. He NEVER before had that kind of pain. So the next 3 weeks after that were hard, very hard. My son was extremely behavioral, anxious and angry. He was tired and constantly complained of a headache. He would cry for no reason, saying “mommy, I just don’t know if I’m hungry or what I am, I just don’t know”, with tears in his large blue eyes. He had meltdown after meltdown.  

  The whole time we were going through this, I thought “the government does NOT care if my child is sick”. So I no longer care about their rules. He will never get those vaccines again. 

 I want everyone to know, that this is a battle and we need to fight back. 



9 y.o. hospitalized after MMR, HepB, & TDAP and develops rare chronic disease


 My 9yo son was vaccinated in order to become compliant on 5/3/2019 for MMR, 7/2/2019 for HepB and 8/27/2019 for tDap. As you can see we took the most conservative approach we could knowing the law was coming down. Also, initially there was no indication that the ACIP schedule was going to be implemented. 
What we didn’t realize is that when we saw his face puffy on 8/23/2019 it wasn’t seasonal allergies. And the abdominal bloating we noticed on 8/30/2019 wasn’t gut issues from the tDap.  The sign that got our attention was on 9/3/2019, after a long and happy day getting ready for back to school (I have 3 kids, he’s the middle and loves school the most). He came into bed with me and his 4yo brother to read books. I noticed what I thought at the moment was a ball in his PJ bottoms- perhaps he was playing a joke on his brother. After I asked him I quickly realized it was scrotal swelling. Of course we quickly called our friend who is an ER doctor and decided that we could wait until the morning and head to the ER. We arrived at 10am and the first NP who saw him did a brief exam and said “vaccine injury”. 

At this point we hadn’t even tied together the face and stomach bloating even though it seems so obvious now. After a few hours and lots of tests, we were transferred to a children’s hospital via ambulance. After more tests we were told he had severe edema due to Nephrotic Syndrome Minimal Change Disease. Let’s put it this way- not many nurses or doctors have even heard of this disease. He was admitted and put on Lasix. He then was put on high dose of prednisone to try and put the disease into remission. He then was put into a trial for Cellcept and began it 2w later and is on it for 10w. In the meantime he’s also tested positive for a recent Epstein Barr infection. 

I remembered when we Got home that our nephrologist told us that his disease isn’t in his kidneys- it’s in his blood. In other words if he donated one of his kidneys the disease would not follow it. That’s when I started doing research and found studies supporting the fact that Bovine Albumin Serum is a cation to Human and can “pull” the albumin out of his kidneys and cause protein spilling and edema etc. 

I have both studies and a court case to support this theory and we are in the process of getting him tested for bovine albumin as well as other gene tic testing. 

Once he was released he had missed the first 3d of school. The next week he had a Metabolic crash and ended up going a few times to school. The following week we knew he’d be ask to leave by Wednesday because he was not compliant. We have begged for a medical exemption to his nephrologist and pediatrician. They have declined- he does not fit into the CDC guidelines. He is on Cellcept, an immunosuppressant. He still does not qualify for a medical exemption even during the 10wk trial  In fact after one of My heated discussions w his nephrologist, he sent our pediatrician a recommendation to add pneumococcal and flu to his vaccine list. 

Our hands are fully tied. I have been in touch with Senator Krueger’s office, Senator Metzger’s office, and lots of people in between. Friday 10/18 I’m meeting w NYS Assemblywoman Didi Barrett and on 11/5 w NYS Senator Jen Metzger. No one will touch a medical exemption. This law is destroying families. It’s not allowing for doctor privilege. We started vaccinating in May because we’ve been following what is happening with the vaccine laws for a long time. Many people were shocked in June. 



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New York: All VaxReacts Stories

 Listed Below are ALL NEW YORK VACCINE REACTIONS submitted to VaxReacts. They are posted in chronological order. These stories were submitted by parents of vaccine injured children as well as by adults with vaccine injuries. To submit your story, email vaxreactscontact@gmail.com